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Tips & Tricks // Backing up your iCloud data.

So you moved to AAPL's snazzy new iCloud service, if you value your data you wouldn't trust everything to the cloud. It is still best to have your own copy for safe keeping here's how to do it on Windows 7. 

You need

  1. Outlook
  2. Apple's iCloud Desktop App
  3. Your 3-2-1 backup solution = Storage media (USB sticks, external HDD), online storage (Dropbox, Carbonite etc)

I have most of the stuff turned on. I still use GMAIL and GOOGLE CALENDAR for email and calendaring. One of the most important things for me though is my Contacts list or Address book. 


So install the iCloud desktop app and turn on the items you want.


It should populate your Outlook. 

From Outlook you can export to PST and/or CSV, save it to your 3-2-1 backup system. 

I save 3 copies (1 on my machine, 1 on an external HDD, 1 on a USB stick) 2 media types (HDD and USB stick), 1 offsite (I have 2 offsite locations, Carbonite and Dropbox).


This way your data is alive, well and accessible from a myriad of places not just iCloud.

Additional tips: 

  1. Use common fields for your data (specialized fields like iPhone etc etc might be skipped by most non-AAPL desktop clients)
  2. PST will retain contact pictures (caller ID) CSV will not
  3. I suggest doing this regularly like once a month. 





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