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Lost Tethering... GUNDAM Apple

So I got a new SIM card w/ better data rates & free WiFi (where available)Unfortunately inserting the new SIM card broke tethering on my iPhone 4.Using tethering on an iPhone is easy. Enabling it is a whole different story.Not awake enough to get on the horn with customer service this early
in the morning. May be a bit later?

What do you have in your SCOTTEVEST?

1. Victorinox midnite mini champ
2. Keys
3. Cigarettes / Lighter / Ashtray
4. Jabra Chill wired headset
5. LMF Spork
6. BluePack S8
7. mophie juicepack plus
8. Lip balm
9. Vicks inhaler
10. Tissue
11. Wet Wipes
12. Plantronics Savor M1100
13. Pen & Pad
14. ID
15. Folding stand
16. SanDisk cruzer USB stick
17. Foldable bag
18. Wallet
19. Coin purse
20. Cables (sync, charge, audio)
21. Air sickness bags

Accessory Madness…

I bought a pair of JBL reference 255 yesterday from Digital Hub V-Mall, I realized today that I didn't like the feel of the set. In-ear = uncomfortable. I think I’ve worn them for a total of 15-20 minutes only. They have a good set of specs and package, hopefully I can have them exchanged when I get back from HKG next week, because these aren’t cheap (PhP 3990)I guess it’s my problem that I can’t stand in-ear headsets…GUNDAM FRAKING BUYER’S REMORSESo to perpetuate the vicious cycle I decided to shop for another set this afternoon when I arrived in HKG. I ended up with two choices:Jabra Chill for 198HKDPlantronics Backbeat 116 for 398HKDBoth were wired headsets because I wanted to replace the ITB (in-the-box) Apple headset included with the iPhone 4. Unfortunately, a tester and testing was not allowed in the store (it was a Fortress). I decided to pull the trigger on the Jabra Chill since it was way way cheaper. So I paid the clerk, ran the wire thru my scottevest – this was when h…

Bananas from the Philippines

We really do have some of the best produce in the region. 


It's cold but it's clear and sunny.

Very manageable in the morning... Will find out later if I need to break out my sleeves in the evening 


Timothy Allan - Angry Birds Remix [Free!]

NSFWshow meme stream :o)

One of my fave podcasts from TWIT is NSFW show one of the listeners made this site

105.9 the cat!!!
it's a site that collects videos of memes, and some clips from the show.

Finally: Mobile BlogSpot!

Geez it took them long enough but the folks up there at the Googleplex finally enabled mobile friendly views on Blogger blogs. you can activate it by going to under settings, email & mobileof course it’s in beta ;o)now the question for me is: will this stop me from closing out this blog? we shall see.

Test mobile view

Testing mobile view. Posted via email w/ image