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This pissed me off…

Ok 9 hours in and I am still fuming about this tweet. You commemorate the Kersh by bashing George? Seriously, this  guy is supposed to be funny or die, if he is this lazy punching up his tweets then he should be dead. I am really getting fed up with all the GL bashing that’s going around the internet. Hey I don’t like everything he does but it’s no reason to default to bashing him every chance you get. George did not rape your childhood. You can still like the original trilogy even if you don’t like the prequel trilogy. And while you’re complaining that he’s sold out because of all the merchandising. Remember he has pledged most his wealth to charity, and he has advanced film making and is still advancing film making with that money. Do you think 20th century fox if they had retained the rights, would donate the money they earned from merch out of the goodness of their heart? Stop it with the unnecessary GL bashing.

Angry Birds Peace Treaty

CDR King 2nd Cheapo Mount

The second cheapo mount I’ve placed beside my bed…

CDR KING car mount

I'm using this cheap car mount from CDR KING. Don't know if this will
survive daily use but it's fairly cheap.

My Christmas Wishlist 2010

Looking Into VPN // USAIP.EU

So I am looking into using VPN to be able to access sites when I am travelling in China. I am currently looking at

I really don't know too much about VPN but I think it is a good investment if it means I can go over the Great Firewall of China. Another concern is running VPN on a mobile device like my iPhone4 or my TreoPro.

They have a free service for bloggers. So this post is actually for that.

So my question is has anyone tried VPN or USAIP's services in China? How did you get it to work on your mobile devices?

iPhone4: Once More With Feelings

Ok so I got another unit. Of course I had to pay a lot more because I got it from your friendly parallel importer in Vmall. Fortunately this unit is working quite well. Really like the screen. I do wish more apps get updated to Retina graphics though. I lost all my game data because I had accidentally deleted my 3GS backups… oh well I guess I have to play thru all those games… toink! I also broke the mobile authenticator link for battlenet so I am stuck in playing SC2 in guest mode. I am currently in communication with blizzard support to have the authenticator removed from my battlenet account. Tip: don’t delete your backups and remember to un-link your battlenet accounts before moving to a new device.