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Happy Birthday TyTN2

October is almost over which means my HTC TyTN2 is already a year old (got it mid October of 2007) this is probably the longest I've gone without changing my primary device. I could say that I'm proud of not changing my device prior to my previous longest duration which was 10 months with the palm Treo 750v however a sense of disappointment also looms over this.

I have been quite vocal about wanting to go back to the QWERTY bar form factor but to be honest there are too few manufacturers giving me choices ATM. palm, hp, Samsung come to mind but the problem is they only have one model each for this particular form factor.

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Technology is supposed to help us make things easier however sometimes it gives headaches as well. Here's a few reminders on how to lessen tech stress specially nowadays with viri, malware, trojans etc.

I wrote about this in May '07 but it is still relevant today!

Fewer and fewer posts...

As you can see... I've been posting less on less on my blog... I think this is due to the fact that I've been micro-blogging a lot and I just feel it would be redundant to post again on what I've micro-blogged about. I don't think this blog is dead though. I'm sure I'll still be posting to it but may be less frequent vs before.
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2nd Thoughts on the Treo Pro...

I was tech talking with my friend By yesterday and am now having 2nd thoughts on purchasing a Treo Pro for my dated but not obsolete TyTN2. We were discussing various applications and came upon the topic of screen resolutions. He has a Samsung SGH-i780 and it has a 320x320 screen like the Treo Pro, he mentioned that some apps do not display so well on the not so standard resolution. I rely heavily on 3rd party apps and so I think I will hold off on getting the TP for now. Still my friend Chinang will be going to HKG tomorrow so I'll ask him to do a price check for me... hehehe

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New Macs

Apple has refreshed it's notebook lines and have a brand new manufacturing process of the body being cut from a block of aluminum. Supposedly this process makes the notebooks more durable. The touchpad is made of glass and is multi-touch. LED screens. Beefier processors and graphics.

The rumored netbook did not appear though.

Good product evolution... not too impressed though.

Veinte Y Nueve

Turned 29 yesterday. Had ice cream sandwiches for dessert at the office [thanks shobe Steph], for dinner the family went to our all time fave restaurant Kimpura for some Japanese. All in all a simple and food filled way to celebrate my 29th.

Unlike previous years I've decided not to throw a party this year.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday--Jench ChuaHappy DavidSteph del Rosario--May the FORCE Be With You…Vincent Benedict P. Castro / Bny / 王清河The FORCE Will Be With You Always...Sent via MSI Wind U100

Congratulations Shobe

October 4, 2008 -- My youngest sister graduated Bachelor of Science in Bio Chemistry from De La Salle University Manila. Magna Cum Laude and Jose Rizal Award (Academic Consistency). Nice one shobe! :D

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Half Evil Shirt

Half Evil Shirt
Originally uploaded by bnycastro My uncle is wearing this shirt LOL!

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