16 January 2017

Why I got an iPhone 7 Plus instead of a Lumia 950XL

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I love Windows Phone. I still have a Treo Pro and an HTC S730 and even my first Compaq iPAQ lying around somewhere at home.

In a previous post I was really tempted to get a Lumia 950XL what stopped me was the crappy service of Microsoft Philippines (or their distributor).

My Lumia 532 has been to the service center twice for LCD issues which are still happening by the way. They refuse to refund me, or give me store credit so I can get another device.
vertical dead pixels appear from time to time usually a reboot gets rid of it

I guess Microsoft or their distributor refuses to standby their product, so why should I?

Also the Lumia 950 XL has been heavily discounted in other territories but not in the Philippines.

So I got an iPhone 7 Plus and am still running the Lumia 532 for work, have to reboot it periodically to get rid of the vertical lines that crop up from time to time.

15 January 2017

Thoughts on the Apple Watch

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Over the holiday season I received an Apple Watch Series 2, thanks baby!

The 42mm fits my wrist well, not too big not too small.
Prior to receiving this awesome gift I was using a MiBand 2 as my wearable.

The Good:
As with most Apple products the hardware is really good. The UI is simple and intuitive. I like that you can use Siri on the watch as well. I think the device shines as a companion device to your iPhone for notifications and such. I think the fitness features are also inspiring me to be more active. Got to fill all those 3 circles, you know. I also like the variety of watch faces you can use.

Text messages

Phone calls


Controlling what's playing on my iPhone


The Bad:
No sleep tracking. I don't understand why this feature isn't baked in to watchOS given that the Apple Watch has tons of sensors. What gives?

The Ugly:
Battery life. I have to charge almost daily, my brother has advised me to use power reserve mode but then most features are disabled.

Here are the watch faces I am currently using

Modular is the most useful IMO
Mickey Mouse speaks the time upon tap
You may also use a photo, this Trench Run inspired one via http://www.ericcwilder.com/watch

Activity Digital

04 January 2017

MacBook Pro Trade-In Update

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Yesterday I brought both MacBook Pros to Ynzal and had them appraised.

They will give 18,000.00 for the MD101 and 35,000.00 for the MC975 respectively, that's 53,000.00 off the next laptop I will get from them.

I am kinda dreading the dongle life so much so that I asked if they still had the 2015 MacBook Pro with Discreet Graphics. Alas, no such luck.

As per Ynzal, the distributor is projecting to have the MLH42PP/A in stock by 3rd week of January (estimate only!).

It's the stock config of the 15inch 2016 MacBook Pro w/ TouchBar, as much as I would want to spec out the machine the cost is just too much as it is. So I will go with the stock config, which is a significant upgrade from my circa 2012 MacBook Pro.

I guess the next step would be to reformat the MD101. I'll use this guide