22 March 2015

Kanye West, Glastonbury Festival, Native Advertising

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Native Advertising 101: cross promote Kanye West + Glastonbury Festival, write "news article" pitting asshole "performer (?)" vs rock fans / attendees. No mention of comments from event organizers or the artist being petitioned off the stage, be sure you have the dates and line up link in the article. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/thousands-sign-petition-to-cancel-kanye-west-glastonbury-2015-performance/ 

When I read this article, it felt more like native advertisement for the Festival with a dab of promotion for Kanye West. 

As of this writing 118,450 people (or bots) signed the petition but is this really the best use for change.org? Does the performer care? Do the event organizers care? Why should we care? 

I think Mr. West's music is garbage but should the event organizers go back on their plans (I'm sure a contract was signed at some point) opening them up for potential legal attack from the performer and or his fans? What if the West advocates start a petition of their own? Should Glastonbury festival line-up be crowd sourced vs curated? 

20 March 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Incoming...

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I saw that Star Wars Battlefront from EA will be featured during Star Wars Celebration 2015. Good news for FPS gamers but what I want is an RTS set in the Star Wars Universe...

Something like "Red Alert" or "StarCraft"

Imagine it! Missions set in the Prequel Trilogy, Original Trilogy, and possibly DLC / expansions for The Force Awakens!!!

That would be so wizard!!! (See what I did there? Ha!)

25 February 2015

Pro or against Bansang Moro Basic Law, you should write your representative

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posting on social media is not enough

Are you pro or against Bansang Moro Basic Law, you should write your representative.


Mandaluyong residents our representative is:
Hon. Neptali M. Gonzales II
District Representative
Mandaluyong City, Lone District 
Email address: nmg@nmgonzales.com
Source: called his office for the email address.

Look for your representative here: http://www.congress.gov.ph/members/

You can type your letter in word and export it as PDF then sign it electronically.

  1. Export Microsoft Office Document to PDF [Office support]
  2. How to Electronically Sign Documents Without Printing and Scanning Them [how-to-geek]
  3. I copied the text of my letter as the body of the email and then attached the electronically signed pdf.