26 October 2014

Tips & Tricks / Use Apple Touch Icons for your Blog or Website

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If you save bookmarks to the Home screen on Mobile Safari you may want to try this out on your own blog.

Here is how to use Apple Touch Icons for your Blog or Website.

These instructions are for blogger / blogspot which I use for both my personal blog and my podcast.

You will need the following:
  1. An icon or image you want to represent your site.
  2. A simple image editor to resize the image. 
  3. Dropbox or somewhere to host the image files.
  4. A bit of HTML coding.
You need a total of five images to handle all the resolutions on iOS.

I used preview on OSX to duplicate and resize my png file. I placed it in a folder inside my Dropbox Public folder
Now for the HTML CODE:
Here is the basic code you will need to put this after HEAD on your blog's html

then replace the image source with the public link generated by dropbox. portions of the code snipped for privacy.

Go to Blogger Template then edit HTML paste it right after head (see photo) and save

Now on Mobile Safari when you save to Home Screen you will have a nice custom icon.
BTW this also worked on my Android device using Chrome with no special tricks.

However it will not work with the mobile version of blogspot. I have that disabled anyway.

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14 September 2014

cloudHQ.net Sync Your Online Storage the Easy Way!

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cloudHQ dashboard is neat and simple
We live in the future, where our files are in the mysterious cloud and we get to save space on our devices and have the files available anytime, anywhere. That's great and I love it. However when there are a lot of different services some problems may occur.

Dropbox, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), Google Drive, Box are just some of the cloud storage services available nowadays.

Well if you use any two of these or in my case all of these, your stuff is all over the place. Getting them all synced up can be a huge pain in the neck.

Thankfully there's cloudHQ this service helps you keep your stuff synced across multiple services and it is easy to setup and the best part is you don't need to download anything it's all done in the cloud!

I did a one way sync from my Dropbox to OneDrive.

They even have a Chrome Extension to check on your sync status.

The trial gives you a few Gb of content to sync across services and there are different plans to suit your needs. During the trial you can also earn up to 6Gb worth of data to sync. Clink my referral link so we both get 2Gb of content to sync.
Let's get 2Gb of sync
So if you want to keep your cloud storage in sync check out cloudHQ.

05 September 2014