31 July 2014

Microsoft Office365 bumps OneDrive storage to 1TB ;-)

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Office 365 now gives 1TB of OneDrive storage 


29 July 2014

Globe + SMART Follow-up

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I visited Globe Telecom Powerplant Mall. I was able to change my plan from 299 to 999 with out the additional charge of an early termination fee (ETF). As I stated in my previous post Globe is dumb and the call center staff did not know what she was saying. 

Along with this new plan I got a bigger LTE data bucket. Globe's 999 plan has a peso value of 1700, I got the GoSurf 999 (5Gb + Spotify premium). 1700 less 999 that leaves me with 701 consumable credits for calls and texts. I asked the staff at Globe Telecom Powerplant Mall and when I exceed the data bucket, I will be charged an additional 1500 pesos (no matter how much I exceed) my other option was to get a different 5Gb bucket that has Globe's Fair-Use Policy. I figured, if I do exceed the cap I would rather pay the 1500 and use the faster LTE than get slowed down to EDGE. Since my cut-off is on the 24th of the month this new plan takes effect on 24-Aug-2015. So I have to be frugal with Globe data for the mean time. 

I also complained about the SPAM texts I have been getting. The Globe lady said they do not sell mobile numbers but they do use recycled  numbers. So I guess that explains (tho it does not  excuse) why I am getting SPAM texts even before I have given out my number to anyone. 

I am no longer on contract with SMART but I have decided to retain my number for the meantime. I am still undecided if I should stay with SMART or maintain both. I did go to SMART wireless center in Powerplant and also complained about my terrible signal at home. Now I have my fourth (4th) service request number since I started complaining in late March. Four (4) months and still no resolution to my signal problem. 

22 July 2014

SMART is arrogant, GLOBE is dumb. KAMOTE

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I left Globe late 2011 and moved to SMART. Nearly two (2) years later my situation with SMART has deteriorated to deplorable levels at home and so-so at work. Still no LTE for both. I got a Globe line recently and have been testing their service. I must admit the last time I was with Globe I had a terrible experience during their upgrade phase.

SMART - I pay 999PhP/monthly for 40 mins, 100 sms, and unlimited data.
GLOBE – for testing I got a 299PhP/monthly plan with 500 peso value, this peso value I applied to a GoSURF 499 package (1.5Gb data + Spotify Premium for 6 months) so I have 1 peso left. that’s 1 SMS everything else is on top.

My strategy: Reduce my SMART plan from 999 to 349 (the lowest plan with SMART) as I transition from SMART to Globe. Increase Globe from 299 to 999 (peso value 1,700) and get GoSURF 999 (5Gb).
The staff at Globe center V-Mall told me I can upgrade anytime so I call GLOBE and ask how to upgrade my plan. Now here is the dumb part: I was informed to upgrade my plan I needed to pay a pre-termination fee for the months I have left on contract (in my case that is 299 for 5 months = 1,495) this doesn’t make sense! I want to pay Globe more money but before I can do that I need to be penalized. I don’t like but I do understand a pre-termination fee to cancel an account or to lower a plan. What I do not understand why there should be a pre-termination fee for a plan upgrade.
Dear Globe. A pre-termination fee to upgrade a plan is dumb, it discourages subscribers from upgrading and giving more money to your company.
On the one-hand SMART is too arrogant to admit that their network still needs work. It seems they have stopped adding sites and my experience has been getting worse. Repeated complaints will only get you a canned response of “there is no issue in your area” and “reboot your phone”.

On the other-hand the GLOBE network has improved in the two years I have been away. Their upgrade policy is dumb so I am stuck for six months with a low plan which doesn’t really fit my needs.

The duopoly of SMART and GLOBE has left us with two shitty networks who don’t really take care of their customers, we need more competition, we need better regulations/regulators because the NTC clearly isn’t doing us consumers any favors and they are basically useless.