25 February 2015

Pro or against Bansang Moro Basic Law, you should write your representative

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Are you pro or against Bansang Moro Basic Law, you should write your representative.


Mandaluyong residents our representative is:
Hon. Neptali M. Gonzales II
District Representative
Mandaluyong City, Lone District 
Email address: nmg@nmgonzales.com
Source: called his office for the email address.

Look for your representative here: http://www.congress.gov.ph/members/

You can type your letter in word and export it as PDF then sign it electronically.

  1. Export Microsoft Office Document to PDF [Office support]
  2. How to Electronically Sign Documents Without Printing and Scanning Them [how-to-geek]
  3. I copied the text of my letter as the body of the email and then attached the electronically signed pdf. 

17 February 2015

More thoughts on Bansang Moro Basic Law

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More thoughts on Bansang Moro Basic Law

The National Gov't wants to give them: territory, money, resources, their own parliamentary gov't, allow shar'iah law, their own flag and whatever else they plug into the Bansang Moro Basic Law (if it's passed)

In return we get peace, resource sharing, and probably some taxes.

Is this really a good idea? I do not believe the Moros view themselves as Filipinos. They are Moros, and want to live as Moros and they want to do it their own way. So after 30 or 50 years when they get their shit together they will probably secede from the Philippines fully and create their own Moro state, it is highly unlikely that Indonesia or Malaysia will accept them (the balance of power in those nations would be upset if that is allowed). So they will go at it on their own Malaysia and Indonesia will support them tho.

I do not believe for a second they will be content with autonomy. I do not believe there is a clause that expires their autonomy ala Hong Kong's SAR status. So in effect they will be their own country using some of the institutions and resources of the Philippines. A country within a country, until they declare themselves independent of the Philippines and become truly free.

The entire Philippines is being held hostage. For me it seems the deal is: "To get peace we should break up the country and give a huge portion of it to the Moros."

Personally I think it's a bad idea.

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17 January 2015

Working During the Holiday

Zero interest in the Papal visit, except for the fact that the government is actually telling telcos to shut down their network and the dumbasses are actually complying, I'm talking to your SMART. I think it's all just security theater anyway.

Working during the holiday. Spent most of the day yesterday working on Excel files and Blogger for my day job. Work would have been faster if SkyCable's broadband connection stayed up most of the time. It's been three (3) months and still having intermittent connection daily. I get the standard "we are sorry" but service is still poo.

Well my head is spinning and my eyes hurt from staring at the screen for majority of the day yesterday so it's time to rest.

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