03 February 2017

MacBook1,1 on Windows 10

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Got some tools from Handy Man. I swapped the 250Gb drive from my MSI Wind U123H with the 60Gb drive of the MacBook.

I borrowed my friend's Apple Dev credentials and downloaded both Leopard and Snow Leopard DMGs as well as the Combo Updates for both from Apple. Thank you, Jayson!

Installed OSX SnowLeopard and Windows 10 Pro 32 bit. The BC2.1 drivers are compatible with W10.

If like me you didn't want to bother with burning DVDs install rEFit (MacOS) this nifty program let's you boot from USB on old Macs.

System sluggishness, which is to be expected since the hardware is more than 10 years old. It is a slightly better experience vs my MSI Wind U123H Netbook but not by that much.

Since the battery has bloated I tossed it in the trash. The machine is basically non-portable and bound by the availability of a power outlet.

iTunes 12.5.5 installed but video playback is not supported. Probably due to the very old GPU. I will see how it performs for syncing and backing up my Grandmother's iPhone 6.

I've christened this MacBook1,1 as "StormTrooper" since it's white and clunky hehe. If you have old hardware I highly recommend giving Windows 10 a spin to salvage it.

Remember, Apple may abandon it's old machines but it doesn't mean that the machines are totally useless.

31 January 2017

Let's Be Vigilant: Sample Bad Email

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I got this email in my work inbox earlier today. Immediately, I was suspicious. Upon further inspection. We can see this is a bad email.

The email sender + contents do not match. The linked file should be PDF but it's a JAR file (Java). The link is also suspicious (see URL). Avoid clicking links from email. 

Windows 7 on MacBook1,1 planning for Windows 10

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I was able to locate Boot Camp 2.1 drivers online here 

I've installed the linked drivers and so far everything seems to be working. 
MacBook1,1 on Windows 7 SP1

Since this machine has a tiny 60Gb HDD, I'm working with a 35Gb Boot Camp partition.

I've successfully installed Service Pack 1. So there's that, I did get this warning prior to updating to SP 1.
Windows 10 nag screen LOL!

So what's next?

Option 1: do an in-place update of Windows 10 to find out if a) the drivers for Windows 7 will work b) if Windows 10 will run smoother on it vs my Wind U123H. If this pans out I might remove the tiny stock 60Gb HDD replace it with my spare 500Gb HDD and do a fresh install of Windows 10.

Option 2: skip the in-place update, go directly to swapping out the drive and do a fresh install of OS X Leopard 10.5.x and do a clean install of Windows 10 and just hope the Windows 7 drivers work.

Option 3: I could stay with Windows 7 SP1 however mainstream support has already ended so I am back with the same issue if I stayed with Leopard. Which isn't really ideal.

I am leaning more towards option 2. Which reminds me I need to get a set of screwdrivers with torx 8 to perform the drive replacement.