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Samsung (Android) Bug with CX Mobile Boarding Pass

Here is a dumb Samsung (Android) bug. 

Device = Samsung Galaxy S3
If you check-in to your Cathay Pacific flight via the CX Mobile App or their site using Samsung browser (or Chrome) you get to send a link of your mobile boarding pass to an email address. When you click this link instead of displaying your mobile boarding pass it tries to load itself to wallet (?). Searching for Google wallet in PlayStore yields nothing my dad has a Philippine account, and it appears Google wallet is not available. So you cannot view or download your boarding pass on a Samsung device???
The link should not be automatic. It should not try to download the boarding pass if the wallet app isn’t even installed. In iOS the mobile boarding pass is shown and the user has the option to add it to passbook or not. 
As a workaround I emailed the link from S3 to 5S, I was able to open and view the link on Safari Mobile. I took a screenshot and emailed him the file. For some odd reason I was not able to open (or sa…