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Star Wars Smuggler's Run (Fan Film)

STAR WARS SMUGGLER'S RUN from Oliver Thompson on Vimeo.
Star Wars Smuggler's Run is a 22 minute fan film, that has been filmed on location at the original sets in Tunisia. The story is set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.
Director Oliver Thompson has written an original story set within the Star Wars Universe.
They used guerilla filmmaking techniques to make this movie and edited (video and SPFX) the project on a single Mac Book Pro.
The music was composed by Gary Gibbons of World Worm Studios.
The short film stars Warren Laker, Rodney Wong, James Gitsham and Kim Haslam, it features the voice talents of Russell Wait, Phil Bagshaw and James Gitsham.
Star Wars Smuggler's Run was made over 14 months, they filmed in six countries with a cast and crew from all over the world.
We filmed with a Scarlet (provided by Marc Oberdorfer of Young Indie Films) and a Sony A77 camera.
The whole project was completed within a budget of just 10,000 USD and could not have been made…

My Netflix + VPN Experience…

Let me preface this by saying that this is personal experience with these services and that your mileage may vary (YMMV)Ok. So I decided I wanted to try Netflix. I knew that I had to tackle two main issues:I needed a US issued credit card for the Netflix subscriptionSpoof my IP so that it appears my location is in North America instead of AsiaFor issue 1, I used to create a virtual credit card (VCC). Then I loaded it with US$ 20. So that’s US$ 20.99 (entropay charges 4.5% to load a vcc)Now issue 2, is where it gets a bit more complicated. I first signed up for 7-day RISK-FREE trial @ $74.95 for one year ($6.25/mo.) (BEST VALUE) on (used a 20% off promo code: tnt = this comes out as US$ 59.96 I downloaded their Windows app and was able to connect my notebook to their VPN was able to access Netflix and create a 1 month free trial account. This is the streaming account and does not include DVDs which you don’t need really. I also downloaded the netfli…

Review // Forward Facing

Winter Kills is Josh Gabriel (1/2 half of the legendary Gabriel & Dresden) and the vocalist Meredith Call. The Winter Kills side project I’d say is a definite success because they have created such beautiful tracks. From their debut album called Josh Gabriel Presents Winter Kills, the track is entitled Forward Facing and I absolutely love it. Enjoy the Otto Coster Remix:Grab the release:

Review // Easy

I am a huge fan of Mat Zo, saw him at EMF 2012 too, then a few weeks later I saw Porter Robinson at REPUBLIQ. This track is a collab by these two young EDM DJ/Producers. It has that definite anthem feel and it is wonderful! Loving this track is easy The official video is basically a trippy anime with an old school feel to it. Sweet!Grab it from audiojelly:

Review // Glow In The Dark

From Australian sensation tyDi comes Glow In The Dark. Vocals are provided by Kerli. Love this track ever since the first time I heard it at EMF 2012. Well done.Purchase:

Review // Place In The Sun

Released on Intuition Records this track from Menno de Jong and Ellie Lawson is another amazing vocal track that is a must have for vocal trance fans. Beautiful!grab your copy:

Review // Badittude

This track by Dennis Pedersen I stumbled upon on audiojelly and it’s a beautiful trance track. The Farhad Mahdavi Remix is getting the most plays in my case.

Head to audiojelly to grab your copy:

Review // Easy to Forget

Released on Euphonic by Cressida with Natalie Peris on vocals. This track has become one of my favorites and is a main stay on my Essentials playlist. You can get it on audiojelly:

Review // Must Be The Love

BT, Arty, and Nadia Ali three artists that I absolutely adore have come together and made a track that I really really love. Because it’s Nadia Ali on vocals you know it’s an amazing track. Get it from audiojelly: