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Same shit different asshole... #PHvote

People say, "if you don't vote, you can't complain." My question, "if you do vote, does it really matter?"

I voted today: I left the ballot blank because I did not trust any of the candidates. My friend Oscar (@oscarfbtan) pointed out that essentially I just voted for the top 12 of the SWS survey. He's probably right (he's a really smart guy). I believe that I've exercised my right as a Filipino citizen, and tax payer this day but in the end it really does not matter.

After this election will things truly change or will we still be swimming in the same shit, spewed by the same (or worse, relatives of the same asshole). In short "same shit, different asshole."

We live in an oligarchy pretending to be a democracy.

The executive is OP and the legislature and judiciary are easily nerfed.

There are no nationalistic or patriotic candidates. Everyone has a self-serving agenda. Most if not all are corrupt and it trickles down to the very core…