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Review | Mu Noodle Bar

Located along Wilson (cross P. Guevarra) It's beside LBC and ShareTea. Nice place and interior looks clean. I went to this resto at 2:30pm on a Thursday afternoon. There were only 2 people who had just about finished eating already when I arrived.  I ordered the Beef & Tendon, chose thin noodles and miso soup. 240.00 PhP The order arrived in around 10 mins and was very hot.  Broth 5/10 - I chose miso while it was served piping hot it failed the taste test. It was like I was sipping watered down miso & beef broth Noodles 5/10 - clearly not fresh it was clumped together inside my bowl when I had finally separated them it was not chewy and had poor consistency  Toppings 7/10 the beef and tendon were tender and the portion was ok. flavor was ok too. Verdict - go else where for your noodle craving expensive for what you get.

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