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Yellow jackets #pocketfrogs wk 17, 2012

Halo-halo #foodspotting

Taken at Milkyway Virramall

Very helpful instructions thank you snickers

Taken at Wack Wack Gardenville Townhomes

Chillli's nternational hamburger day 2012

Back for year 5 (I think)

Planet Earth #PocketFrogs

Wk 16, 2012


Diablo3 in open beta 4/20 to 4/23

Installing the open beta. hopefully my notebook doesn't crash in the process...

Eyepad optical facenook salon

Avengers Cup w/ Toy from Petron

Check out this video on YouTube:
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Tribal council set completed! #PocketFrogs

Nutella milk

Gardasil does it work? Is it safe? Or just a big pharma money grab? #HPV

Consider doing some research (preferably from multiple sources) before
deciding on getting / endorsing this vaccine (if you're a celebrity or
medical practitioner). via mobile

Wk 14, 2012 Easter Eggs #pocketfrogs

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Wk 13, 202: Monarch Butterfrogs #PocketFrogs