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Wk 12 Ice Cream Sundae #PocketFrogs

Kit Kat # sweettooth

Taken at Harbour City 海港城

Bruce Lee

Taken at Avenue of Stars 星光大道

New iPad in HKG #crazy

New iPad in HKG #crazy In wan chai computer centre they've added 500 to 600 HKD to the AAPL
list price. In broadway times square they are trying to pawn off fugly looking
iPad case and a screen protector, which they have conveniently prized
at 950HKD In fortress times square they require you to purchase 1500HKD worth of
merchandise before you can buy an iPad.
via mobile

Weekly Set 11, 2012 #PocketFrogs

DEC Chicken Pie for #PiDay

Wk 10, 2012 Complimentary Hues #PocketFrogs

NLG Services Now Available

NextLevel Guys PIM migration service is the country’s first and only PIM (personal information management) migration and troubleshooting service. 

What we offer? 
Hassle free and convenient PIM migration service! We will move your contacts, calendar, email, tasks, notes, photos and videos from your old device to your computer or another device. 
We will handle your device and your data as if they were our own. We respect your gadget and your privacy and we put this at the forefront of this service. Please go over our Confidentiality Agreement if you have further concerns regarding your privacy and data

We will teach you how to maximize the use of your device. Aside from setting up your device we will also show you the basics on how to get the most out of your gadget. 

Devices and platforms supported?
Apple (iOS and Mac OSX), Microsoft (Windows Phone and Windows 7), RIM (Blackberry), Nokia (Symbian), Google (Android and GMail) 

PIM migration service (contacts, calendars, tasks, note…

Wk 49, 2011 Ringtones #PocketFrogs

Another weekly set from 2011 completed while waiting for this week's set.

Bat Vader the #DarthKnight by

Awesomesauce! Thanks @vforveran for the image.

Using VLT to cool my overheating notebook #jologsway

Truffle Cheese and Egg Sandwich #kitchenkegaw #foodspotting

Taken at Wack Wack Gardenville Townhomes

Death of a Hobby

Was checking the downloads for my hobby / side project / podcast today. The good news is that downloads for the month of February are 78% more
than that of January. Given that February is shorter and had less
episodes I think this is positive. The bad news is I'm forced to stop posting new episodes because the
hosting costs have become unacceptable. While I am quite happy making episodes and passionate about sharing
the EDM love. I must find another less costly hobby. I am keeping up the episodes for a couple of months so subscribers can
still download the back episodes. Grab them from iTunes if you wish: