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Switching to OSX

So I have finally made the switch to OSX (sort of). Santa was very nice and gave me a 15inch Retina MacBook Pro

It's a sweet machine with a beautiful display and really well built. It's superfast because of SSD. The downside is it's 256Gb can be a bit cramp for someone like me who has a huge iTunes library and dual boot to consider.

I have been loosing sleep because of 4 major issues though.

1) BootCamp - I finally got this to work after about 3 attempts. I had mistakenly selected a partition size that would not fit Windows 8 (in the future). There is no official support for Windows 8 yet so I have sticked with Windows 7 Home Premium for now. I did purchase the $40 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (valid only until 31-Jan-2013) but I will hold off installing that until BootCamp support becomes available. For now I am quite happy with the performance of Windows 7 on this machine. Instead of buying or pirating Office for Mac I have decided to install Office 2010 which I own on my bo…

SMART vs Globe data @ Theatermall

Wow smart is really beating the poop out of globe. 


VBCSent from my fruit phone 🍎

SMART vs Globe @ Home

Mandaluyong City 


VBCSent from my fruit phone 🍎

SMART vs Globe data @ Mandaluyong City

Tested at Shangri-la Mall


VBCSent from my fruit phone 🍎

SMART vs Globe data @ San Juan



VBCSent from my fruit phone 🍎

Horrible data on SMART no data on GLOBE

Both networks really suck. Sheesh 😕

VBC Sent from my fruit phone 🍎

Review // iPhone 5

I've been using the iPhone 5 for a little over a week and here are my thoughts on AAPL's newest phone. 
I won't bore you with specs, if you need it here is a link to the specs
Got these images off Apple's website so they own the images blah blah blah. It comes in Black & Slate or White & Silver. I like to alternate colors on my iPhone so this time I got Black & Slate, I got a 32Gb model from Singapore (thanks Rad) because when I had an iPhone 4S 64Gb I could not fill it up. Decided to get a smaller capacity device and save some moohlah. 

First impressions. When I took the device out of the box the first thing I did was slap a screen protector on it and then put a GelaSkin on it. After I applied the skins I noticed that the device already had a scratch near the screws (bottom) I suspect this small scratch came out of the box. So yes the finish is gorgeous, yes the finish is very nice to the touch BUT it is so easily scr…

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