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UVVRP EXEMPTION: It Was Good While It Lasted


Mandaluyong city traffic cop at the corner of EDSA & Shaw Blvd. eyes were glimmering when he saw that I had an exemption, he headed in my direction (pay dirt!)… Too bad he didn’t notice that bukas pa ako coding! Sorry jackass… tomorrow baka may breakfast ka on me… not today. You may wipe that smirk of your face now.

Last day of MMDA UVVRP exemption is tomorrow 31-July-2010… the “new” government cancelling ALL exemptions issued by the past MMDA leadership. In effect, this contract between MMDA & the exempted person has only run 1/3 of it’s course (1 month out of 3 months)

1) disrespect to the previous MMDA leadership (or “I didn’t get in on that deal, time to re-negotiate”)

2) the government is willing to cancel contracts before they expire (political will or fanaticism?)

Even though I am negatively affected by this course of action… I am trying to see the silver lining, Baby Noy (to the tune of “Bayyyybeeee Jaaaaaames” of course) is showing that everyone is equal and is trying to lead by example (operational word: trying)

No I am not becoming idealistic, I am in tune with reality. I still know that corruption is rampant in our government, I know that these bastards and bitches in power will still pocket money and squeeze us for more instead of taking less, wake up (yes I enjoyed Inception) it’s happening right now but hey it is good to have some hope.


I hope that this new administration doesn’t become fanatic though. The new admin should void contracts or deals that are not beneficial to the nation, and leave the good ones (even if they were made by the past administration) in.

Sounds like a common sense approach yes? But hey common sense goes out the window when people get fanatical and vindictive. Let’s keep it professional…  those with cancelled contracts or deals that don’t like it can of course take legal action against this administration (yeah good luck with that). That’s their right of course.

Me: I will wake up earlier or commute to work or take a chance now that I am no longer immune to UVVRP your chances for free breakfast have dramatically improved Mr. Traffic Cop, you may paint back that smirk on your face now.


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